Custom Stained Glass
Windows, Lamps & Doors
in Fort Collins, CO

Get Ideas
for the
Custom Piece
of Your Dreams

The gallery below includes mostly pieces of stained glass art that have already sold and a few that have not. Please email or call us if you'd like to get a custom piece made.


Functional, versatile and very pleasing to have in your den, bedroom or office.


The lamp section is filled with a variety of unique handcrafted functional art.


From a multi-story business card rack to elegant candle holders, many unique handcrafted functional
art pieces to choose from.

Ask us about our Stained Glass PRIVATE LESSONS

  1. 1-4 Students
  2. Two 4 Hour days
  3. We will choose a design or draw one, score and break the glass, shape it several different ways, wrap it in copper foil, solder it together and clean it. Sound easy? It is!
Fort Collins, CO