Patti Childers

About Us

     Patti Childers, Stained Glass Artist Education: Bachelor of Science in Communications, University of Texas, Austin, TX Major: Advertising, Minor: Art Hobbies: Skiing, Hiking & Teaching.
     During my years at college in Austin, Texas, I discovered the art of stained glass and the beauty of sunlight dancing through each piece of glass. I am fascinated at how, as the sun rises and sets, each piece of art will become transformed again and again at different times of the day. After moving to Telluride a few years ago, I have been drawn to creating, teaching and exhibiting stained glass once again.Every piece of art that you see in this website is handcrafted and unique. I am able to replicate my work with slight color and glass variations. I welcome special orders and commissioned pieces. Please call me.All of my work is made with love and a passion for the art of expressing my creative talent in stained glass. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I strive to deliver the highest customer satisfaction with each sale. Thank you for supporting the art of stained glass.